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Edouard Butler, named Li Xiang Xue     in Taiwan, earned a master degree in law from the University of Paris in 1968. He practiced with the well-known international law firm of Coudert Brothers in Paris and New York. Under the guidance of the best legal minds --especially his teacher William Lawrence Craig, he learned the methods of rigorous analysis of facts and clear presentation of ideas. He hopes this knowledge will contribute to make this book more efficient.

After two decades of lawyering in various places of the globe, he departed for a different type of journey through the lands of India and Southeast Asia, in pursuit of a fuller meaning of life.

His journey has far from ended, but for the past 12 years he settled in the auspicious land of Taiwan where he is a teacher in the National Normal University of Taidung  

With the inspiration of Master Chu the work continues to piece together the elements already gathered on the trail, and to deepen a more complete understanding of things outward and inward.

Knowing his relationship with Mr. Chu, his foreign friends often asked him about the Chang-jie input method. To make the explanation available to everybody, he decided to write a comprehensive manual of the Cang Jie Method.

Future related projects: 

- Adaptation of this CJ book in Chinese, French and Spanish. 

-An English translation  of the "Basic Elements of Chinese characters" conceived by Chu Bangfu, and of the "Cang-jie Chinese dictionary" indexed according to the criteria presented in Chu's Natural Language Project: "The Nine Discourses of Wisdom".

Translation in French of the  "The Nine Discourses of Wisdom".



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